(NEWS) One Small Step For Cali, One Giant Leap For BMX

California Skate Parks Are Now Open to BMX Riders It looks like legislation is getting involved in opening up California skate parks to all sorts of¬ “all-wheeled, non-motorized devices”. The whole issue before of why BMX riders weren’t lawfully allowed in the park is because they were a liability to the state. ¬ Skateboarding was on a list of hazardous recreational activities and therefore it was skate at your own risk according to California. Does this mean we will have to deal with more 10 year olds on scooters? ¬ I’m joking, I actually enjoy watching those kids progress at park also. This probably doesn’t really change much as far as your local public park goes, especially in California. ¬ In such a liberal state you can imagine how liberal the guys riding park are. You just need to learn more park awareness. ¬ Pay attention to the BMX rider and he will respect your lines as well. California state has passed legislation that adds “all-wheeled, non-motorized devices” to the¬ hazardous recreational activity list, meaning that bikes, rollerblades, scooters, wheelchairs, heelies, snake boards, and whatever else you can fathom are now under the same blanket as skateboarding and far less of a liability than they were before. It means that if your local park in California has ever said that bikes were not allowed in the park for “insurance reasons,” that you should go to your next city council meeting and bring the discussion up again. To be clear, this does not mean the flood gates are open. We still have to deal with the stigma that BMX ruins parks and we’re ‘super duper scary and fast,’ but this is a major hurdle in getting into parks legally. Where we belong. As BMX matures and we get our act together, we need to be active when it comes to public parks. Advocate for yourself and for friends you’ve never even met. I say that knowing that I have a lot of room for improvement myself… Read more at ¬ http://bmx.transworld.net/news/california-skate-parks-to-open-to-bmx-riders/#dsTqRrJcO5uVp73k.99 Image Source:¬

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