Is Technology Going To Change the Face of BMX?

As BMX Tricks Progress So Does The Technology To Monitor The Tricks Over the past 20 years technology has completely changed the scope of sports. Just the simple introduction of video review has change the rulings of sports like baseball, basketball, and football. When it comes to X Games style sports such as BMX and Snowboarding Halfpipe, the judging is subjective, which basically means, it’s up to the people judging and not exactly based on the definite precision of the tricks. Some contest decisions could be based on hype of a rider or the crowds reactions. What if there was a technology that not only could tell what trick is being performed, but also calculated the exact precision of each trick? Read on and let us know what you think about what Intel is developing here… Imagine being at a BMX competition and watching on the big screen the exact tricks detailed as and when they happen, complete with airtime, how precisely the trick was pulled off, and all those extra details to help separate one competitor from another. It could change the competition, remove some judging subjectivity and, well, it is pretty cool to have that visualised data on hand for records, personal bests and added kudos. It’s like an extra focus point in addition to the usual slow-mo replay. Intel Curie, the technology that makes this possible, is a module with a six-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and Bluetooth radio on board. Such a module means the precise rotation, speed and height of a rider can be calculated by drawing the ‘path’ the sensor takes. The combination of these can be compared to a programmed database that recognises tricks; although it’s not a full database at present, more a work in progress. However it’s only in the development stage for now. There’s more work to be done for full accuracy, while support from the industry has yet to be fixed in place. At present there’s no rider-worn module either, meaning your Superman trick might not be fully recognised at this stage. For Full Article Click Here Curated Content From: Image Source:

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