BMX Street Rider Desmond Rhodes – The King Of NYC Streets: Asphalt NYC

Raw and root from the BMX streets of Queens New York

Street style BMX is the most raw, root style of BMX there is.  Just ride around your neighborhood and find things to jib.  The diversity that comes out of street BMX is as broad as the diversity of every culture on this planet.  Urban kids grow up on the busy streets where traffic becomes a part of riding.  The city streets and ally ways are full of rails and ramps that can be obvious at times, but can also be hidden gems.

In the video below you can see the full creative side to street BMX as Desmond Rhodes takes on his hometown streets in Queens, New York.  Take a look inside a true street riders mind as he is constantly trying to push his own boundaries.

“Blackman” is facing a deadly kink rail that he has scoped his whole life.  The challenge lies ahead, but will he be able to overcome his biggest street BMX obstacle?